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Moulders Consulting: Top-Quality Visual Manufacturing ERP Software

At Moulders Consulting, we craft top-quality visual manufacturing ERP software that helps businesses run smoother and more profitably.

Our systems aren’t just developed by experts; they’re designed by manufacturing professionals with over 40 years of experience in the field. Our team encompasses a diverse range of roles, from sales and marketing to operations and management.

By leveraging the expertise of our seasoned professionals, we’ve introduced several cutting-edge ERP/MRP systems to the manufacturing landscape. As a result, our clients benefit from streamlined processes, enhanced efficiency, and improved outcomes.

As well as ERP software, we also provide combined ERP/MRP solutions, as MRP systems are crucial for managing material requirements in the manufacturing process.

Our MRP range ensures that the necessary resources are available to efficiently manufacture products through the following process:

Production Schedule Development: Our system calculates the production schedule based on customer demand and inventory levels, determining the quantity of products to be produced over a specified period. This forms the foundation of the production plan.

Material Requirements: Once the production schedule is set, the system moves on to calculating material requirements. It assesses the volume of products to be manufactured and determines the type and quantity of materials needed for each product, factoring in a waste margin.

Inventory Check: Our system verifies that inventory levels are adequate to meet material demands.

Generate Purchase Orders: If resources are insufficient to fulfil material demands, the MRP generates purchase orders for the required materials, specifying quantity, delivery date, and other relevant details.

Track Progress: The MRP system monitors the progress of generated purchase orders, including delivery dates, any delays, or issues with delivery.

Adjust the Plan: In the event of any changes to the production plan, our MRP system adapts the production schedule accordingly.

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How Can Visual Manufacturing ERP Software Help Your Business?

ERP, or Enterprise Resource Planning, streamlines and organises your business operations.

ERP systems help you manage everything from inventory and production schedules to customer orders and accounting. By keeping information flowing smoothly between different parts of your business, ERP helps everyone work more efficiently, thereby making your whole operation run better.

This not only boosts productivity but also reduces errors and confusion. When you use ERP, your team has the tools they need to work together more effectively, leading to better results for your business!

About Our Visual Manufacturing ERP System

Our software offers a comprehensive solution for your MRP and ERP requirements.

By blending the advantages of both MRP and ERP systems, we empower manufacturers to streamline their operations effectively. These fully integrated product management solutions are tailored for the manufacturing sector, enhancing efficiency and raising performance standards.

We take pride in our track record of successfully implementing ERP and MRP systems across companies of all sizes. Contact us today to discover more about our cutting-edge software!

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Want to know what our visual manufacturing ERP software can do for you?

MCL Software - for the Injection Moulding Industry

Over 40 years experience within the Plastics Industry

2023 - The Year For Efficiency!

An all-encompassing, tried and tested ERP / MRP for the Injection Moulding Industry – the core software has been developed to cater for our complex industry, and we have the knowledge and grass routes experience having worked within Injection Moulding Factories, to fully understand the improvement in efficiencies required to make an ERP / MRP implementation really worthwhile. Communication is the key! Scroll on down to see just some of the key features of MCL Software.

MCL Software - Key Features

DASHBOARD – designed to give an overview of your facility – broken down into sections to include 

Sales  |  Quotes  |  Purchasing  |  Production  |  Quality  |  Delivery

Navigate easily from your dashboard to access all ERP / MRP info – even through to production planning.


PARTS – see all of the information you need to about any manufactured or bought in part on one simple to use screen. Here you will have an overview of the following:

Part Details   |  Activity  |  Files  |  Suppliers  |  Allocations  |  Options


BOMS – easy to navigate and populate – able to select multiple items easily on the Bill of Material in a variety of units, including percentages to jobs which may include Masterbatch, UV Stabaliser, Powders, Anti-Microbial agents etc. 

Add files, quality documents, C of C’s, and tooling data to ensure all relevant detail can be accessed in one clear and concise location.

BOMS –  You then delve deeper into the detail of the specified machine best suited for the manufacture of this component and add on any ancillaries required including robots, conveyors, dryers, and even the human resources required for production. 

Add notes that are relevant to the job,  and the additional bonus of the costing calculator gives you the ability to track profitability, and calculate price breaks by relating the part cost, to various quantities, and your required margin. 

JOB CARD –  All of the right information, all in the right place. The MCL Job Card clearly shows the following:

Work Order No.  |  Part Number  |  Description  |  Job Quantity  |  Drawing

Customer  |  P/O Ref No  |  Order Line  |  Date  |  Notes

BOM details, to include quantities, weights, units of measure, locations, and type of product

Tool information, including location, change inserts, and cavities are provided

Allocation of machines and any ancillaries required to complete production

And finally, the image of the part itself to help the production personnel to keep on track. 

MCL Software - Key Features
Tooling Register

Incorporating a full tooling register, maintaining your clients tooling status and location


Multi-level Bill Of Materials, to include sub-assemblies, and final assemblies

Production Planning

Visual Capacity planning and scheduling, by the Week, Day and even Hour

Job Cards / Works Orders

A clear visual document for shop floor use - including BOMs for Injection Moulding


Full customer and Supplier data capture with CRM Traceability and email capabilities throughout


Ability to trace material from Purchase Order through WIP to final moulded component

Second Operations

Ability to track manufacturing flow to clearly identify secondary operations and manual operations


Full purchase planning auto updated customer sales order demand, and stock allocations

NCR / Quality

Track all non-conformance reports and corrective actions, integrated with part record

Shop Floor Data Capture

Real time data collection from production - tracking all processes and works orders / job cards


Snapshot insight into daily business expectations, monitoring progress in real time


Raise invoices using our invoicing module, integrated directly with Sage, Xero & Quickbooks

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About Us

Here at Moulders Consulting Ltd., we take pride in delivering specialised ERP/MRP software tailored to the manufacturing sector. Our mission is to empower manufacturing companies to produce top-quality products by boosting operational efficiency and reducing production costs. This commitment fosters sustainable growth for our clients in the long run.

Our services are meticulously crafted to meet the unique needs of manufacturing businesses. Leveraging our expertise in plastic injection moulding – including advancements in Industry 4.0 – we offer expert assistance to enhance efficiency and bolster marketing and sales strategies.

From advising on ERP/MRP systems to implementing Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES), optimising production processes, providing e-commerce solutions, devising marketing strategies, and offering troubleshooting support, we cover a wide range of services. Our goal is to provide cost-effective consultancy and effective solutions that enable your business to deliver premium products and services while enjoying increased profit margins.

Our software caters to manufacturing companies with an annual turnover ranging from £1M to £25M. We are dedicated to delivering top-notch products and services, working closely with our clients to streamline processes, minimise manufacturing costs, and maximise profitability. And the best part? We offer all these services at cost-effective rates!

Reach out to us today to discover how our software can help your business achieve and sustain higher profit margins while fostering sustainable growth.

About Our Directors

About Mark Amphlett

With over two decades of experience in the plastics industry, Mark Amphlett made a significant impact on the growth of Amtek Plastics in Newton Abbot during his tenure there as General Manager.

Under his guidance, the company’s annual turnover skyrocketed from £650k to over £3M in less than six years. Mark’s adept branding strategies firmly established Amtek Plastics as a premier provider of Plastic Injection Moulding services in the UK. This success led to a substantial increase in inbound inquiries, soaring from an average of 3 or 4 per month to well over 60.

These achievements underscore Mark’s exceptional marketing acumen, unwavering commitment to fostering growth, and remarkable talent for strategically positioning businesses for success.

About Andy Jewell

Andy Jewell began his journey in the plastics industry in 1989, armed with an Honours Degree in Chemistry with Business Administration.

During his early career, Andy immersed himself in sales, acquiring invaluable experience and honing his technical expertise in material handling, drying, and dosing systems, alongside real-time Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) tailored for the Plastics sector.

As Andy’s proficiency in the Plastic Injection Moulding industry evolved, he pivoted towards promoting and selling real-time Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) within the sector.

Collaborating closely with a renowned US-based supplier of MES/SFDC/i4.0 solutions, Andy played a pivotal role in establishing them as a premier provider worldwide. His unwavering dedication and contributions significantly contributed to the company’s success and fortified its standing within the industry.

Since 2017, Andy has served as an Independent Sales Consultant, leveraging his profound understanding of the plastics industry and expertise in MES solutions to serve as a trusted advisor and consultant.

His steadfast commitment to excellence and track record of delivering tangible results have enabled countless clients to achieve heightened productivity and profitability.