Ancillaries for Plastic Injection Moulding

Ancillaries For the Plastic Injection Moulding Industry

Materials handling is a critical part of the injection moulding process. It involves the transportation and preparation of the raw materials, such as plastic pellets, for use in the moulding machine. The goal of materials handling is to ensure that the materials are delivered to the machine in a consistent and reliable manner, and that the material properties are maintained throughout the process.

Here are some key aspects of materials handling for injection moulding:

Material selection: The type of plastic material used for injection moulding is a critical consideration. Different materials have different flow characteristics, shrinkage rates, and melting temperatures, among other properties. Material selection should be based on the specific application requirements.

Drying: Many plastic materials are hygroscopic, meaning they absorb moisture from the air. Moisture in the plastic can cause defects in the moulded parts, so it's important to dry the material before use. Drying can be done using a desiccant dryer or a hot air dryer.

Conveying: Once the material is dry, it needs to be transported to the moulding machine. Conveying systems can use vacuum, gravity, or mechanical means to move the material.

Metering: Accurate metering of the material is crucial for consistent part quality. Metering devices can use augers or other mechanisms to precisely control the amount of material delivered to the machine. 

Storage: If the injection moulding process is not continuous, it’s important to store the material properly to prevent moisture absorption. Storage containers should be airtight and kept in a dry environment. 

Monitoring: Material properties, such as temperature and moisture content, should be monitored throughout the process to ensure consistency and quality. 

Proper materials handling is essential for successful injection moulding. By selecting the right materials, drying them properly, and using reliable conveying and metering systems, manufacturers can produce high-quality moulded parts consistently and efficiently.   

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