Transforming Small Plastic Injection Moulding Companies with Industry-Specific ERP Systems: A Path to Enhanced Efficiency

MCL Takes Plastics Live by Storm!

MCL’s Journey in the World of ERP/MRP for Small Plastic Injection Moulders

MCL on the Road!

Unveiling the Power of Moulders Consulting’s ERP Software

Empowering Small Injection Moulding Enterprises: Unveiling the Impact of ERP Systems on Operational Efficiency🔄

Revolutionising Operations: How MCL’s ERP Solutions Boost Efficiency in Small Injection Moulding Businesses

Mitigating Risks in Retirement Sales: The Crucial Role of ERP Systems for Plastic Injection Moulding Companies

Boosting Efficiency in Small to Medium-Sized Injection Moulding Companies: The Power of Adopting an ERP / MRP / Scheduling System

Overview – ERP / MRP designed specifically for the Plastics Industry – to help increase efficiencies, reduce wastage and costs, and maintain the accuracy of data.  

Our History

Moulders Consulting Limited

Over 40 yesrs experience within the Plastics Industry

2023 - the year for efficiency!

The directors, Andy & Mark have a combined industry experience spanning in excess of 45 years. Andy has worked within the materials handling, MES & MRP sectors whilst Mark has been responsible for sales, marketing and management of an injection moulding factory that experienced a spell of rapid growth under his leadership where he developed his own MRP system for the industry.